Une nature d’or pour Kylie Sandford

The exhibition Visual mnemonics attracted more than a hundred people for the vernissage at Arts Sutton Gallery on Sunday. Paintings of a poignant realism, created with a great attention to detail, awaited the visitors.

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La lumière en vedette dans une nouvelle expo au Musée Bruck

The light, in this gray and rainy season, is more than welcome. The new exhibition at the Bruck Museum in Cowansville responds well to this need for illumination. Four painters and the poet Ako Millette jointly exhibit their work.

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Concours national de peinture: les lauréats sous les projecteurs

The national painting competition crowned its winners Friday, opening the 26th edition of Rêves d'automne. Most of the artists selected by the jury were present, including the big winner Kylie Sandford.

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Kylie Sandford à l’honneur

Painter Kylie Sandford received an honorable mention on Sunday for her work The Pool.

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Frelighsburg vue par les artistes

This year, the Frelighsburg Art Center will open its season with a group exhibition for "locals". Seven artists from the region were inspired by the theme that became its title: Image-Village-Frelighsburg.


Journées de la culture: arbres, plans d'eau et urnes funéraires

Kylie Sandford is the expert in Trompe l’oeil. Throughout her career as a painter, the “Cowansvilloise” has been taught by several masters, which has helped her perfect the art of realism in her paintings.

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Turquoise: la couleur s'éclate

The subtility of turquoise is mixed with the blue of the depths to represent, on two paintings painted in oil, the movements of a body of water. The work of Kylie Sandford is such that the eye believes it sees a photograph.